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Defiant Optimist Program™

The “Defiant Optimist Program™” eliminates financial barriers to therapy and provides digital mental health and wellness resources to low income immigrants and people of color. The Program partners with local therapy providers and corporate sponsors to cover the costs of therapy and provide access to wellness resources.

This initiative is powered by Nafasi Fund, a fiscal sponsor that provides the 501(c)(3) and audit-worthy infrastructure Black-led organizations need to be eligible for funding that supports transformative work.


Bring awareness to mental health issues and access to therapy resources for immigrants and people of color.

The Problem

  • More than three in ten adults in the U.S. have reported symptoms of anxiety and/or depressive disorder since May 2020. In comparison, in 2019, approximately one in ten adults reported symptoms of anxiety and/or depressive disorder.
  • Younger adults, racial/ethnic minorities, essential workers, and unpaid adult caregivers reported having experienced disproportionately worse mental health outcomes, increased substance use, and elevated suicidal ideation.

The Solution

  • The pandemic has increased the severity of symptoms of trauma and mental health issues for those who were already struggling with them.
  • As a result, we’re on a mission to spread “defiant optimism” by destigmatizing mental health issues and eliminating barriers to accessing mental health and wellness resources for immigrant and BIPOC communities.
  • “Defiant optimism” is not just a catchphrase, it’s the conviction that despite every reason we have to feel defeated and hopeless, there are still REALLY good things we can enjoy and work for together.
  • Love You Cookie is making “defiant optimism” go viral in communities that need it the most.

The Plan

  • We’ve partnered with community mental health providers (like Creative Kuponya and Regions Hospital) to provide access to free mental health and wellness services.
  • We provide funding to cover therapy services for low-income immigrant and BIPOC clients that can’t afford to pay. In addition to paying the costs of therapy, we also:
    • Provide access to curated digital content to empower & encourage
    • Send a care package of gourmet cookies, merchandise, and other wellness products & services

The Perks

Partner with us to spread defiant optimism in immigrant and BIPOC communities by making a 100% tax-deductible donation. Sponsors will receive:

Public Recognition [Gold Sponsors]

  • Your logo featured in every Love You Cookie Gift Box shipped nationwide.
  • Tagged, organic social posts highlighting you as a Defiant Optimist Program Sponsor.
  • Permanent feature on our platform with a hyperlink to your website.

Public Recognition [Silver Sponsors]

  • Your logo featured in the wellness Gift Boxes shipped to Program beneficiaries.

DE&I Keynotes [Gold Sponsors]

  • An exclusive fireside chat with Love You Cookie CEO and nationally acclaimed lawyer, Sahr Brima. Through poetic reflections, Sahr will share his personal journey from civil war refugee to American citizen, and how he channeled “defiant optimism” to beat the odds and spark hope back into his community.
  • DE&I education by Jamil Stamschror-Lott—an award winning, Black mental health therapist and CEO of Creative Kuponya, a therapy organization that works to bring healing to those that society forces into the margins. Jamil’s unique work and approach has been featured in USA Today, The New York Times, Rolling Stone Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine and more.

Gourmet Cookie Discounts [Gold & Silver Sponsors]

  • Sponsor companies will receive a 20% discount on Love You Cookie corporate holiday gift box orders.

The Ask

  • Sponsor tiers are as follows:
    • Gold - 10k+ 
    • Silver - 5k+
  • Aligning your company and mission to Love You Cookie’s amplifies your brand and creates the tangible impact that our community deserves. Now more than ever, your employees and clients want you to live their core values. Defiant Optimism is your core values in action.


“Winning this has helped me get back to loving me unconditionally- mind, body and soul!!” — Raven

“This package truly brightened my day… my house caught on fire the other day and I've been dealing with that, so the therapy package will provide me comfort and I will be hydrated and also be able to treat myself both literally with the cookies and metaphorically by having the comfort of the things I was given. I was having a terrible day and I came home to the package and instantly smiled.” —Emahni 

"Regions is committed to improving the accessibility and transparency of mental health care in our community. We're thrilled to share this commitment with Love You Cookie."— Lisa Cook (Operations Coordinator, Regions Hospital)

A shared commitment to mental health awareness makes an impact in our communities. Together, we can spread defiant optimism."— Shareen Luze (Head of Culture and Field Experience, RBC Wealth Management)

"Mental health deserves the embrace of unashamed conversation and support. We're honored to partner with Love You Cookie as they hare their warm sunlight of defiant optimism." — Kevin Wencel (President, Spyhouse Coffee Roasters)


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