Very Important Cookie (V.I.C.) Program™

Our amazing gourmet cookies are only a vehicle to achieving our core mission: destigmatizing mental health issues and eliminating barriers to mental health & wellness resources, especially for BIPOC.

To achieve this, we've launched our Very Important Cookie Program (VIC)™.

By partnering with companies to provide packages of free therapy and health & wellness services, we can support and give back to those who need it most.


If you or your company is interested in becoming a sponsor of our Very Important Cookie (V.I.C) Program™ , please contact

Read more below to find out how you can help us reduce mental health & wellness barriers for the BIPOC community by becoming a V.I.C Sponsor.

Program Overview

The Problem:

The pandemic is increasing the severity of symptoms of trauma and mental health issues for those who were already struggling with them, especially for younger adults, racial/ethnic minorities, essential workers, and unpaid adult caregivers.

According to the CDC, the public health response to the COVID-19 pandemic should include increasing intervention and prevention efforts for addressing mental health conditions.

The Plan:

We’ve partnered with community health and wellness organizations (like Creative Kuponya and Regions Hospital) to offer access to free or low-cost mental health and wellness services.

Every month, we give away V.I.C (Very Important Cookie)™ packages to people in need. These V.I.C packages include our gourmet cookies & merch, therapy services provided by Creative Kuponya, discounts on local health + wellness products, and more.

The Perks - What's In It For You?

Become a V.I.C™ Sponsor today by reaching out to our team via

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